Our philosophy

The smell of fresh wood welcomes you when you enter our chalet. It is built of natural materials without chemical substances. Only wooden dowels penetrate the solid wooden beam walls and strengthen the construction completely without glue and nails. The Thoma House has nothing to do with the short-lived or disposable items of the past decades. Instead it is made of the renewable raw material wood by using a new constructio method which is characterized by the use of mass timber and dowels. It improves our health, our sleep and is a place where you can gain life energy. In the end everything in this house remains a valuable raw material which can be reused and reused. We rely on the wisdom of nature.

Cozy living in harmony with nature

Wood construction without chemicals

Unser Naturchalet hält, was der Name verspricht. Beim Bau aus unbehandeltem Holz (System Thoma Holz100) wurde völlig auf Leim und Stahl verzichtet. Chemie- und metallfrei tauchen Sie in diesem Haus tief in die Energie und den Zauber der Bäume ein.

Relaxation with Stone Pine

Living and sleeping in a room of stone pine reduces the heart rate and ensures a better and more relaxing sleep. The entire interior furnitures of the chalet are made of untreated, native spruce, larch and stone pine. The smell of the wood increases the vitality of the people. IT also has an antibacterial effect. This creates a distinctive, comfortable living environment.

Healthy living atmosphere

At almost 1300 meters above sea level people who suffer from allergies can breathe again. The loam walls in the house ensure a healthy living environment. Loam, which has been known for a long time, can absorb moisture and re-emit it in a dry environment. It also absorbs heat and stores it. The natural building material ensures pleasant coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. On boats floors the loam walls and the cozy ovens with flickering fire contribute to a healthy and relaxed indoor atmosphere.

Living in the middle of the nature

In the Nature Chalet Rinkwein you can find an oasis in times of noise and stressful situations. The isolated location offers above all rest and relaxation from everyday stress. The soul will be pampered with clear, fresh air, lots of sunshine, magnificent views of the Dolomites and lush meadows in the summer and snowy mountains in winter. From the balcony, you can observe the deer in the nearby forest and no disturbing noise will break the silence. In this isolated place, you will be offered a holiday location surrounded by the peace and energy of the mountains.

Impressions of the construction phase