Private SPA and wellness

In our chalet we have created a small oasis of peace and relaxation. The healing power of nature and soothing warmth ensure inner and outer beauty and well-being. Relax naturally and traditionally in the private spa area with infrared sauna, hay bed, freestanding bathtub and hot tub in the garden.

Massages and beauty treatments are available on request..

Hay bed

Relax in the hay bed made of hay and alpine herbs from our own alpine pasture. The excellent effect of the hay has been known for more than 2000 years. Pastor Kneipp described the effective applications of this "natural product". Your own body heat will release the substances and essential oils of the hay and the alpine herbs. The part that is absorbed through the skin transmits positive effects to joints, muscles, bones and tissue. The other part is inhaled through the autonomic nervous system. 

Freestanding wooden bathtub

The relaxing effect of hot baths has in many cultures centuries of tradition - already the Romans recognized the healing powers of the water. Enjoy a soothing bath in our freestanding bathtub next to the fireplace with fabulous views of the Dolomites.

Infrared cabin

Sweating is healthy! On the one hand, the sweat cools the body down, and on the other hand, many pollutants are eliminated. The relaxing effect of the infrared heat increases the general well-being, reduces nervous discomfort and promotes sleep. When used regularly, the immune response is increased. Furthermore, free radicals are combatted by the heat and the "optimal aging" effect is promoted. In contrast to a Finnish sauna, the use of the infrared sauna is particularly gentle to the heart and circulatory system. The infrared heat acts immediately as a pain relief in case of soft tissue rheumatism and osteoarthritis. In addition, itaccelerates the metabolism and widens your vessels. In this way hardened, overloaded and tense muscle parts are provided with better circulated. Tensions in the back and neck area can be dissolved and the pain decreases.

Private Swimming Pool

The small private bathing pond with 1.20m depth is a welcome respite, especially in summer. But even in spring or autumn, you can relax in a deck chair and enjoy the soothing splash. In addition, offers at the edge with 40cm depth, a perfect Kneipp option.

Hot Tub in the garden

Relax in the "Hot Tub" at any time of the year. It is made of Robinia wood and contains water with a temperature of 37-40 ° C. Bathing in a traditional wooden bathtub has its own traditions and rituals. Robinia wood (acacia) enriches the water with precious minerals and tannins. A bath in the hot tub can be particularly helpful in the case of problems with muscles or joints. The warmth of the water relieves tension and ensures a good skin circulation. The warm water carries about 90 percent of your body weight, so that pressure on joints and spine is pleasantly reduced. These effects can be preventive and soothing in case of back and joint pain, rheumatic diseases, circulatory disorders and cardiovascular disorders.

Enjoy with all your senses: the smell of the wood, the crackling fire, the warm water - and the starry sky in the middle of winter. And in summer: pure refreshment!


Kneipping stimulates circulation, blood circulation and metabolism, helps with venous problems, promotes sleep when applied in the evening, helps with migraines and strengthens the immune system.